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The values of BIH Ltd reflect the ambition to offer the best quality and the best experience of medical care to patients and their families. The respect of the dignity for the patients, the teamwork and building relationships with various health professionals are the part of our tools.

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
The well-being of the patients at the hospital is our concerns. The anxious to serve, the knowledge of the most current technical are the pillars for our vision. Our vision is to become a private hospital of excellence at the national, regional and international level.
Within BAHO International Hospital the missions for care, training and research are implemented through:
  • To provide the qualiy of care;
  • The education of population;
  • The research;
  • The motivation of the patients in the participation and the continuous improvement of the services to provide.
  • The friendly care;
  • A desire to avoid the fragmentation of care and to provide moral and psychological support to the patients
  • A collaborative capability that extends beyond the institution to other network partners


BAHO INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL (BIH) Ltd is a private hospital that was established in 2015 and provides care to national, regional and international patients. Innovative and exemplary, with modern medical equipment, it stands out as a medical hospital implementation and knowledge transfer activities through its integrated care, training and clinical research. Considering patient at the heart of its action, it provides the best health care and plays a key role by improving the health and well-being of the Rwandan population.

We provide the medical care service for the outpatient and inpatient services for 24H/7 days.

Joseph K. CEO

: +250788306805

In the vision to serve the clients with a high quality of medical care services, BIH Ltd has been given by the Ministry of Health the license to execute the activities mentioned above in Gasabo District at Nyarutarama locality.

The decision to open the Hospital, meets the policy of the Government of Rwanda to facilitate the private sector involved in health to contribute for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, therefore the population is receiving the health care of high quality.

The hospital still continues to grow to meet the ever increasing demand. This growth is attributable to the faith reposed by the customers and the untiring efforts put in by the consultants and employees as well as the Directors with active support from the vendors. The hospital has built up an enviable reputation for dependable and ethical practices and systems. The one agenda that has always been the top priority is quality service.

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